ASA – National Parks of Botswana

Botswana, world renowned for the Okavango Delta and pristine, untouched Wilderness areas. What better way to explore this wondrous waterway than by boat. Slipping through the waterways you are able to view the wildlife up close, see the smaller animals that are so often missed and sleep in tents on islands dotted along the Delta. After exploring the Delta, climb onto a open game viewer and camp in private campsite, in luxurious en suite tents in some of the best wildlife viewing areas of Africa. Wake up to elephants passing by your tent, coffee around a fire before departing on a morning drive, exploring just outside camp , return to a lovely brunch under the trees, siesta time in the African Bush and off again in the late afternoon on a drive, sipping Gin & Tonic at sunset and listening to lions roaring during the night. Get away from it all, explore Botswana, in a traditional way and experience the best.

one cannot resist the lure of africa