Boating safaris

Experience the Okavango Delta through its waterways.

The only way to truly explore the Okavango Delta and its incredible landscape is to get out onto its waterways by boat. We offer guided mobile boating safaris from the top to the bottom of the Okavango Delta, while staying on uninhabited islands along the way.

Most of our trips pass through the world famous Moremi Game Reserve, where opportunities abound for amazing bird sightings as well as hippos, elephants and some of the larger mammals that call this area home.

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On a boating safari in Moremi Game Reserve with Pride of Africa

4 Days

One of the most rewarding ways to view the world famous Okavango Delta in Botswana, is by boat. We have designed these safari packages to introduce guests to some of the most remote regions and islands in the Delta.

These are serviced safaris, meaning all camp chores, such as packing, erecting of tents and food preparation is all provided in the Safari by competent staff and bush chefs. Download the itinerary.

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